About Us

35 years experience result is Efes Optik!

The founder of Efes Optik Ahmet Büyük, he took his first step into the eyewear business in an eyewear workshop in 1980. he progressed his knowledge about opticianry and opened Efes Optik's first retail shop in Urla, İzmir.


Efes Optik has been expanded it's specialist staff since founding date it has been giving consultancy service about eyewear with it's quality service understanding and identifying the demand of the wearing glasses. Efes Optik has adopted as a principle to be useful to it's customers by having many kinds of frames, sunglasses and optical lenses. We have been giving services to you who use computer, who has eye diseases, who has migranes or who needs sunglasses or lenses as it is in our first day excitement.

Our unchanged principles; dynamic quality system which updates technology, proper and available service, support after sale and delivery on time.


You will be albe to find many kinds of eyewears which fit you, proper for your own desire that we have defined among the world fashion trend.

Please kindly do not forget, it is a preference matter to be in sight.